Denmark: BIMCO Releases WINDTIME for Industry Consultation

Denmark BIMCO Releases WINDTIME for Industry Consultation

The newly developed WINDTIME Offshore Wind Farm Personnel Transfer and Support Vessel Time Charter Party has been posted in the public area of BIMCO’s website.

This consultation draft is being made freely available to interested parties involved in the offshore wind farm sector so that they can review and, if appropriate, comment on the draft contract before it is put forward for adoption by BIMCO’s Documentary Committee in May.

WINDTIME is the result of two years drafting work by a team of industry experts representing workboat and wind farm operators with additional input and guidance from legal and P&I representatives. Although based on SUPPLYTIME 2005, the new WINDTIME contract has been specifically re-drafted to meet the needs of the offshore wind farm sector. Clauses from SUPPLYTIME not relevant to this trade have been removed and new operational clauses have been added. The result is a clearly written and comprehensive standard contract that addresses the contractual needs of those who offer and use the services of transport vessels for wind farm operations. Care has been taken during the development of WINDTIME to balance the interests of charterers and owners in a way that the drafting team feels is fair to both. The drafting team feels that WINDTIME offers the wind farm sector its first standard contract that improves upon the terms and conditions commonly agreed at present and should therefore be well received by the industry.

BIMCO invites interested parties to download a copy of the consultation draft of WINDTIME. The consultation period will end on Friday 22 February 2013.


Press release, February 06, 2013; Image: bimco

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