The Netherlands: Trianel Project Advances with AREVA’s Wind Turbines

The Netherlands: Trianel Project Advances with AREVA's Wind Turbines

A further project step for the Trianel wind farm Borkum has been successfully finished. The 40 wind energy turbines which were produced by AREVA Wind have been shipped from Bremerhaven to the Dutch town Eemshaven.

In September last year the transport of the 40 nacelles, hubs and (S3) tower sections of the 5 Megawatt (MW) wind energy converters M5000-116 started. The components which weight several tons; a nacelle has a weight of 233 tons; were contractually shipped to the base harbor for the Trianel Wind farm Borkum. Due to the delays caused by the responsible grid connection operator TenneT the transport was prolonged. In Eemshaven the wind turbines will be stored until planned installation in spring-time and the components will be constant monitored by AREVA Wind.

The transports were so successful executed thanks to high safety standards for all participants and the optimized cooperation with all participating companies.

The 56 meter long rotor blades for the wind energy converters will be transported for final assembly from Stade to Eemshaven. The Trianel wind farm Borkum is an important milestone for the offshore development in the North Sea and important for the still young offshore industry.

“AREVA did an excellent job technically as well as logistically”, appreciated Klaus Horstick, CEO of Trianel Windpark Borkum GmbH & Co KG, the work of the partner.

Jean Huby, CEO of AREVA Wind says: „The safe and successful transport of the 120 big components of the M5000 wind energy converter was possible thanks to the good cooperation with Trianel. The successful execution is clear evidence for the necessity of strategic partnerships and for the safety spirit within the entire offshore industry.”

Trianel wind farm Borkum is a cooperation of 33 municipal utility companies and the municipal utility company Trianel in Aachen. The wind farm will be constructed around 45 km north of the island of Borkum. The installation of the tripods, the foundations for AREVA Wind’s wind energy converters, started in June 2012. The 5 MW M5000 is the world wide first, exclusively for the harsh offshore conditions designed wind energy converter.


Press release, February 05, 2013; Image: areva