Germany: ICT Carries Out E&I Engineering for Riffgat Offshore Wind Park

Germany: ICT Carries Out E&I Engineering for Riffgat Offshore Wind Park

Strukton Hollandia JointVenture is building an offshore transformer platform for its German client, RIFFGAT GmbH offshore wind park 1. Two transformers are installed on the platform which convert the voltage delivered by the thirty 3.6 MW wind turbines from 33 kV to 155kV.

Under normal operating conditions, auxiliary voltage for the platform is generated by the wind turbines. However, for situations in which there is no wind and there is also no connection available with the public grid, there are also three diesel generators installed. Each generator has its own fuel tank, which is automatically fed from one of the two storage tanks.

At the request of Hollandia, ICT Automatisering (ICT) carried out the E&I engineering for the diesel fuel system and outsourced the construction of the required panel system to a sub-contractor, Paneelbouw Middelburg.

In parallel with the E&I engineering, the details of the technical design were worked out and the software was also realized. In mid-February, the offshore platform is scheduled to leave the Hollandia shipyard for its journey to the German section of the North Sea. In order to meet this deadline, ICT successfully completed all the engineering, panel construction and software activities within 8 weeks.


Press release, January 30, 2013; Image: Strukton Hollandia JointVenture