Germany: Construction of Global Tech I Continues on Schedule

Germany Construction of Global Tech I Continues on Schedule

It is ever more evident that Windreich AG has turned out to be the cornerstone of the energy transition’s success.

Willi Balz, CEO of Windreich AG said: “While BARD, EnBW, Dong and, most recently, RWE announce delays or project halts, our projects, led by Global Tech I and MEG 1, are running as planned. All attempts of our competitors to build cheap instead of good quality offshore wind farms have failed.

It is this reliability in the implementation, in addition to the ontime grid connections that presents the most important criterion for investors. Prospective investors will opt for those contractors, who have a positive track record.

With some difficult winter weather conditions we proved our uncompromising quality standards in planning, choosing partners, technology and construction logistics.

It is no coincidence that our first project Global Tech I has received the world’s largest project financing to date in the field of renewable energy with 1.047 billion euros.”


Offshore WIND staff, January 14, 2013; Image: Windreich