EnBW Requires Offshore Wind Farm Monitoring Services (Germany)

EnBW Requires Offshore Wind Farm Monitoring Services (Germany)

As part of the offshore installation phase of the wind farm building, EnBW Systeme Infrastruktur Support GmbH requires services in the field of Health, Safety and Environmental monitoring and control (HSE) and quality assurance (QA) or control (QC).

These services are divided into three lots; Lot 1: HSE coordination; Lot 2: QA coordinator; Lot 3: Offshore Observer of offshore installations.

Lot 1 comprises further the safety and health coordination (HSC) for construction site regulations and is thus part of the reporting chain and safety coordinator. Lot 2 and 3 contain additional supervision in the construction field. To minimise personnel expenses, provision of these services with the help of a small group of people as possible and to exploit synergies, while under the supervision and QC monitoring is also paid to the HSE monitoring and vice versa.

EnBW Renewables GmbH prefers to assign the following services as a package to a strong supplier: The coordinators are stationed at the base expected Sassnitz. The offshore Observer will pay attention to the installation and equipment in the offshore construction site “EnBW Baltic 2” and the transfer Sassnitz / Mukran. Part of the assignment is also the professional training of offshore Observer including the preparation of training material.

The offshore installations are probably 24 hours on 7 days (24/7), must run a week and constantly in shifts. At leaat one HSE Coordinator will always be present, with a QC Coordinator present on a normal working day. Tenders may be submitted for all lots.


Offshore WIND Staff, November 16, 2012; Image: EnBW

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