Offshore Wind Energy Office Opens in Berlin, Germany

Offshore Wind Energy Office Opens in Berlin, Germany

The three wind power networks Wind Energy Agency (WAB), Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster Agency (EEHH) and Wind Energy Network Association (WEN) have set up the Offshore Wind Industry Alliance (OWIA).

The official launch of the association by Mayor Olaf Scholz (Hamburg), Mayor Böhrnsen (Bremen), Energy Minister Volker Schlotmann (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), and Secretary of State Dr. Oliver Liersch (Lower Saxony) took place this afternoon in Berlin.

“The OWIA has the task to focus political communication of the three offshore wind energy industrial networks in Berlin to serve as a direct logistics solution,” said Urs Wahl, project manager at the newly opened office. The joint office with the offshore wind energy foundation and the proximity to other associations improve the flow of information to and from Berlin.

“Offshore wind energy is a fundamental pillar of the energy transition,” says Ronny Meyer, CEO of Wind Energy Agency WAB, “thanks to the excellent wind conditions at sea it provides long-term security of power supply and reduces expensive imports of raw materials.” The current discussion on electricity price gets ahead of this context too quickly, Meyer said.

Also, people in the industry are working hard to reduce costs. “Because of that, the speed must not be stopped now,” industry representative Norbert Giese from turbine manufacturer Repower Systems emphasized.” Thus we need permanently stable political and economic environment,” Mr. Giese pointed out. German offshore industry is at the forefront of one highly promising European development that will continue for several decades.

“The coastal stateshave recognized thatoffshore wind farms with their high annual utilization stabilize the power system. The cooperation today is a sign that the engaged industry players work even more closely,” states Jan Rispens, Managing Director of Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster Agency. Confident in the strategy of the government to develop offshore wind energy, billions were invested already in 2002. These investments brought benefit not only for northern Germany, but all over Germany, ” that is often forgotten,” Rispens continued.

“For us, offshore wind is one of the biggest opportunities at this time. We can create thousands ofnew jobs, and not only in the underdeveloped north, “said Andree Iffländer, Chairman of Wind Energy Networks. “Particularly encouraging is the fact that by connecting offshore wind with the maritime industry a completely new business opportunity opens,” Iffländer concluded.


Offshore WIND staff, October 15, 2012; Image: WAB