Germany: Windreich Continues as Planned

Germany: Windreich Continues as Planned

Windreich AG, the successful project management and developer of the offshore wind park in the German North Sea will implement the three wind parks – Global Tech I, MEG 1 and Deutsche Bucht – as planned.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Windreich AG, industrial engineer Willi Balz, explained that “The chances for the success of the alternative-energy revolution are excellent. With its pull-out of nuclear power, Germany pointed the way. Now it’s up to companies like us to take action. The general framework might not be good enough for RWE, but for us they’re perfect because as a mid-sized, owner-operated company we established the right foundation early – long before the alternative-energy revolution began. So we are benefiting from this today, especially when it comes to grid connections.”

The wind-energy pioneer emphasized that “In truth, all the technological and logistical problems were solved long ago. In our realization of the first 400 MW offshore park, we’re ten times further than what’s being passed-off to the public by interested parties out there.”

 “Mid-sized companies are working very hard to move the alternative-energy revolution forward,” said Dr. Walter Döring, former Minister of Economic Affairs of the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg. “This revolution is something the German people want, and it was agreed upon by German politicians. Windreich AG is working constantly to implement the goals associated with this.”

 Head of Windreich, Mr. Balz, added “Doubts about meeting the planned deadline of 2020 are pure speculation. We can’t understand why support for the driving force behind the alternative-energy revolution, German mid-sized companies, is being lost like this and for other reasons as well. Our MEG 1 project in the North Sea alone will create and secure up to 30,000 new jobs, especially in the industrially weak coastal regions of Germany.”

Windreich AG has proven over several years on the onshore market that wind energy projects can be realized with manageable financial means, and that they can be seamlessly implemented. The largest offshore project, Global Tech, will supply over a million people with clean energy and avoid creating up to about 5 tons of nuclear waste per year. With intelligent contracting, first-class risk management and professional project management the alternative-energy revolution is achievable. “We have been authorized to build three offshore wind parks in the German North Sea,” said Mr. Balz. “For all three, a connection to the grid has been promised that will use existing cable routes to transport the electricity as far as the Ruhr area. This creates investment protection. We are confident that the North Sea energy from wind power is the most important recourse for sustainable coverage of our energy needs. The test part Alpha Ventus has proven during the last few years that offshore wind energy is affordable and can even supply baseload electricity, since the park was not able to provide electricity on only three days. 2011 was a relatively weak year for wind, yet it produced 4,500 of full-load hours, exceeding the values predicted by the electricity study done by the Frauenhofer Institute by 25 percent.”


Offshore WIND staff, July 30, 2012