USA: Cape Wind Comments FFA Investigation

USA: Cape Wind Comments FFA Investigation

Following FAA Investigation on Cape Wind, Communications Director Mark Rodgers released the following statement:

Cape Wind has been closely reviewed and considered for 10 years by Republican and Democratic administrations, which have both come to the same conclusion: Cape Wind will provide substantial benefits to the nation by jumpstarting the clean energy future, creating hundreds of jobs, reducing air pollution and increasing energy independence.

 On air navigation safety, the FAA has been carefully reviewing Cape Wind for 10 years and has approved it three times, twice during the Bush administration and once under the current administration, despite pressure from the a well funded opposition group. We are hopeful that the extensive, ongoing FAA review will reach the same conclusion: Cape Wind will not be hazardous to air navigation – just as Europe’s forty offshore wind farms built over the past twenty years have not posed any problems for safe air navigation there.

 During the Bush years, the opposition group falsely claimed the Bush Administration was pressuring agencies to approve Cape Wind and they demanded and obtained an investigation which found the review was appropriate. Now they make the same false claim, only this time about the current administration. There are no merits to these claims and they should be summarily dismissed.

 The only politics applied to this important clean energy project have been on the part of project opponents.


Offshore WIND staff, July 17, 2012; Image: cape wind

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