Singapore: Damen Launches First SeaZip Offshore Service Vessels

Singapore: Damen Launches First SeaZip Offshore Service Vessels

Last week, two twin axe catamarans of the successful Damen FCS 2610 type have been launched at Damen’s newbuilding yard in Singapore. Both vessels will be completed in the coming weeks after which they will be transported to the Damen yard in Gorinchem, The Netherlands where they will be delivered to SeaZip Offshore Service in September.

The Damen FCS 2610 Catamaran: 

The Damen FCS 2610 Catamaran type was successfully introduced to the market one year ago. Today four vessels are trading in the North Sea/German Bight area dealing with the most challenging circumstances day in, day out.

The Damen FCS 2610 catamarans have much to offer to the market: 

• The proven qualities of the Damen Axe-bow are of much added value to Damen’s Catamaran. It results not only in an above average (and maintainable) service speed of 22 knots but also in much better sea keeping characteristics. The Damen FCS 2610 simply is more seaworthy than 99% if the service catamarans operating today and therefore much more suitable to perform in the offshore wind market. It has proved to both safe and workable to transfer personnel up to significant wave heights of 2,4 m.

• Their multipurpose character allows for effective utilisation in a wide variety of jobs.

• Building the Damen vessels under full class and the Dutch quality Flag will result in more product quality, will offer SeaZip’s clients higher standards and more comfort level and will allow for service at greater distances from shore.

It can thus be concluded that the Damen FCS 2610 Catamaran offers clear competitive advantages.


Offshore WIND staff, July 11, 2012; Image: SeaZip

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