RenewableUK Publishes Wind Energy Charter

RenewableUK Publishes Wind Energy Charter

RenewableUK published charter set out how the wind energy industry is delivering significant benefits to the UK and its economy, and how it intends to deliver continued investment which will help the UK to prosper in the future.

The UK wind energy industry, in partnership with the UK and Devolved Governments, the investor community and the public, has a clear and current opportunity to lead the world in developing the technologies and skills that will deliver secure, affordable energy from wind.

Long-term investment in the conversion of wind into electricity is already creating jobs and financial security for thousands of families and communities across the UK. It is also protecting consumers by providing a stable and secure source of energy at a constant price which is untouched by the politics and instability affecting fossil fuels.

This Charter is formed around three core principles. The wind energy industry intends to apply these to fulfill its role in this partnership and to maximise the benefits which will flow to the UK and individual consumers following investment in wind energy.

  • To invest in the prosperity and energy security of the UK .
  • To provide financial security and for families by creating tens2 of thousands of long-term jobs
  • To provide clean, safe and affordable energy that will power the UK today and for future generations


Offshore WIND staff, April 20, 2012; Image: statkraft

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