Reportlinker Announces Report on European Utilities Insight 2012


Reportlinker announced report on European Utilities Insight 2012.

A number of key developments in the European energy landscape will affect utilities in 2012. Utilities will need to proactively adjust for the impact of poor economic conditions, and adapt to tougher rules on decarbonization, energy efficiency, and consumer protection. Using expert analysis of regulation and policy changes set to shape 2012 you will be able to mitigate risk and plan your strategy accordingly.By assessing the impact of renewables funding and the impact on the management of energy grids, you will be able to spot investment opportunities.With insight on the strategies key European players are adopting, you will have the market intelligence to maneuver and outperform in 2012 and beyond.Looking at the key aspects shaping the retail and consumer markets 2012 you will be able to develop robust acquisition and retention strategies.With insight into how key developments in the European energy utility landscape will affect your business in 2012, you will be able to proactively adjust for the impact of the recession on end-user energy demand. This key market trends report looks at what the major opportunities will be in 2012 to help you plan your strategy to profit from them.Provides a comprehensive view of trends emerging in the European market to help with business and strategy planning.Analyzes the impact of the region’s key developments and what strategies companies should adopt as a consequence.

[mappress] Offshore WIND staff, January 24, 2012