Seakeeper Ships Gyro Stabilizer for Testing (USD)

Seakeeper Ships Gyro Stabilizer for Testing (UK)

Gyro stabilizer expert (no comma) Seakeeper recently shipped M21000 gyros units to Hvide Sande Skib & Baadebyggeri for testing. HSSB will install the gyros on two DONG Energy’s wind farm support vessels.

Seakeeper gyros create opportunities for HSSB like builders in the wind farm support industry. They offer more stability to the crew during transfer to the wind turbines.

Resonant boat roll is the most disorienting contrast with dry land experience and the least desirable motion on a boat. Uncomfortable, tiring, and probably the greatest cause of seasickness, it has been an unavoidable price to pay for many for the pleasure of being on the water. Employing the principles of gyro-dynamics, Seakeeper vacuum-sealed gyro stabilizers exert a powerful righting torque that virtually eliminates boat roll without any need for drag-producing or damage-prone protrusions or appendages from the hull. Seakeeper’s unique state-of-the-art motion control system actively regulates the hydraulic braking system to ensure the anti-roll torque is maximized for all hull designs and for the ever-changing operating and sea conditions.

Seakeeper, besides the M21000 gyro, which are used for vessels up to 100 tons. offers M8000 gyro for vessels up to 35 tons.


Offshore WIND staff, December 02, 2011; Image: Seakeeper