The Netherlands: Aibel Participates in Offshore Wind 2011 Conference

The Netherlands: Aibel Participates in Offshore Wind 2011 Conference

Aibel representatives are participating in the Offshore wind 2011 conference currently being held in Amsterdam. A report showing that as many as 17 EU countries are planning to build offshore wind energy farms was presented at the conference.

According to EWEA, if the current plans of all 17 countries are implemented, the power produced will cover the electricity needs of 130 million households. This represents 13.1 percent of the total European electricity production.

Targeted focus

“This proves that our focus on building wind conversion platforms is very exciting and that our timing is right,” says Nils Arne Hatleskog. He is responsible for the development of Aibel’s new business area.

This August, we won our first contract for building a wind conversion platform; Dolwin 2 will be located off the coast of Germany.

Meeting place for the wind industry

The conference is organised by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), which is an organisation for the European wind industry. Aibel recently became a member of EWEA. The conference also includes an exhibition with 480 exhibitors.

 “We are here to learn, to expand our network, and to market Aibel within this industry. This is the most important meeting place for the industry this year,” says Hatleskog.

Growing market

During Aibel’s recent annual management conference in Stavanger, one of the speakers came from EWEA.

 “All markers are pointing upwards. The willingness to invest is good, and wind farms are growing both in size and in numbers. In the times ahead, a significant number of jobs will be created in the offshore wind industry,” Anne-Bénédicte Genachte told the Aibel managers.

The Offshore wind 2011 conference runs from 29 November to 1 December.


Offshore WIND staff, December 01, 2011; Image: ewea