DNV to Address Large Scale Integration of Wind Energy with New R&D Network (Norway)

DNV to Address Large Scale Integration of Wind Energy with New R&D Network (Norway)

The objective of the network is to address key risk elements for the grid investments that will be required to integrate large amounts of wind energy into the transmission grid. The initiative is funded by Nordic Energy Research, and consists of four leading universities; NTNU, KTH, CTH and Risø / DTU, STRI, Statnett and DNV.

“Offshore wind parks are planned with capacities far exceeding what we have seen so far. In order to accommodate the EU 2020 target up to 40 GW of offshore wind power may be installed in the North Sea requiring grid investments in the order of 11 – 28 billion Euros,” says Kjell Eriksson, Vice President and Head of DNV’s Energy Research Activities. “Over-investing will lead to increased cost of electricity, while under-investing may result in a net without the expected reliability and robustness. A risk-based approach is therefore needed to find the right balance.”

The challenges in developing offshore HVDC grids are substantial and include AC/DC converter technology, meshed DC networks, fault detection, DC circuit breakers, offshore substations and subsea developments. In addition operating in harsh offshore environment will challenge the way such systems are designed, maintained and operated in terms of reliability, availability and maintainability compared to traditional onshore grids.

 The R&D network will focus on the following key challenges:

Quantifying risk: Combination of Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) analysis with powerflow analysis

HVDC fault clearing and protection

Managing windparks with turbines from different suppliers

Connection of large meshed offshore HVDC grids to existing onshore AC grids.

 “It is a real pleasure to work with the academics from leading Nordic Universities, professionals with hands-on experience from Statnett, and the specialists on transmission systems at STRI,” says Eriksson. “I truly believe that by combining their knowledge and skills with DNV’s risk management skills and our experience from the offshore sector, we can develop new perspectives that are needed to solve the challenges ahead.”


Offshore WIND staff, November 21, 2011