Tentec Bolt Tensioners Pass Offshore Trials with Flying Colours (UK)


Tentec’s Aero range of bolt tensioning equipment for the installation and maintenance of wind turbines are now the tools of choice for installation and maintenance engineers on the world’s largest operational offshore wind farm – Thanet.

Following highly successful trials, comments on the bolt tensioning equipment from Tentec include “the tools have proven to be of better quality and handling than the ones we have previously used offshore”, “easier to handle”, faster to build up pressure” and “saves time”.

Since the launch of this innovative range, engineers throughout the world have used the bolt tensioning tools mainly for onshore construction and servicing. However, with this ringing endorsement, Tentec is confident that more offshore operators will consider the use of the Tentec Aero equipment.

“We have been very successful in gaining new contracts for onshore projects.” explains Roy Sheldon, Sales Director at Tentec. “We are delighted that the tools are now in regular use on offshore developments as well.”

The installation team at the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm now holds a substantial number of Tentec’s bolt tensioners for regular maintenance and repair work on the offshore turbines.


Source: tentec, October 19, 2011