Pelamis Wave Power Appoints Per Hornung Pedersen as CEO (UK)


Pelamis Wave Power has appointed Per Hornung Pedersen as Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Pedersen joins Pelamis with an immediate goal of fulfilling demand from the company’s three major customers, E.ON, Scottish Power Renewables and Vattenfall, who are actively developing commercial projects for Pelamis machines and have lodged enquiries for significant orders of wave energy units.

Per Hornung Pedersen brings considerable experience of both the manufacturing and renewable sectors, with a particular expertise in commercialising renewable technologies. He previously held the post of CEO at REpower Systems, one of the leading international manufacturers of wind turbines, and has had CFO or CEO roles in the renewable energy sector since 2000.

Mr. Pedersen was also responsible for transforming Suzlon Energy Ltd, the Indian wind turbine manufacturer, into a global player. In just four years he was instrumental in growing the company into the world’s fifth largest turbine manufacturer, developing new markets for Suzlon in no fewer than seven different countries on five continents.

Gina Domanig, Chairman of Pelamis, commented: “Per is a renewable energy heavyweight with huge experience in commercialising renewable technologies and developing global markets. He brings the right blend of experience and industry standing to take our company into an exciting new phase.

 “Per joins a unique business that has already secured many world firsts, from launching the world’s first wave farm to selling wave energy machines to customers and being the only company in the sector to be generating electricity for the national grid.”

Mr. Pedersen will now lead the recently-announced strategic review, a process that will enable Pelamis to scale up its manufacturing to commercial levels.

Per Hornung Pedersen, Chief Executive Officer of Pelamis, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity and I am thrilled to be joining Pelamis at such a defining moment for the company. Pelamis already has the technical platform to begin serial production of its machines – together with our customers we will be the first to make wave energy a reality.”


Source: pelamiswave, October 18, 2011