Keel Marine Selects Paramarine as their Ship Design Software Platform (UK)

Paramarine advanced marine design software, developed by QinetiQ GRC, has been selected by Keel Marine to replace their in-house developed ship design software.

For nearly fifty years Keel Marine, who are based in the UK, has delivered naval architecture and marine engineering services globally to an impressive range of commercial and government entities.

Keel Marine has established a reputation for excellence and high standards, providing clients with a comprehensive range of design, engineering and project management services covering most types of vessel in the marine and offshore industries along with consultancy services to Government and non-government organisations worldwide. Staffed by naval architects, marine engineers, and marine surveyors, Keel Marine’s recent contracts have included the design of wind farm support vessels, passenger ferries and inland waterway vessels. Paramarine supports the complex design requirement of vessels that are required to support platforms at sea in any weather, through to low wash environmentally sensitive projects such as those on inland waterways.

“Migrating from our in-house developed software and selecting the most effective and efficient ship design packaged software has been a decision of fundamental importance to Keel Marine. Following an exhaustive review of the market we selected Paramarine because it provided us with all the functionality we were looking for in the design of commercial vessels. Paramarine is easy to use, fully integrated, fast and built on a modern platform and is supported by a comprehensive range of services,” said Paul Read, Technical Director, Keel Marine ltd.

Paramarine is based on over 20 years’ experience in marine design. Thousands of concept vessels have been modelled and their stability analysed using Paramarine. Paramarine is used by many of the world’s leading shipbuilders and ship designers, as well as some of the world’s leading universities including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University College London. The launch of the latest version of Paramarine has further extended and enhanced the software’s functionality with enhancements to its reporting, concurrent design and documentation capabilities.

“We are seeing more and more commercial shipbuilders and ship designers making Paramarine their platform of choice. Its rich functionality coupled with its ease of use and fully integrated capabilities make it a very powerful tool particularly when used in the early stages of ship design,” said Vittorio Vagliani, Managing Director, QinetiQ GRC.

About QinetiQ GRC

QinetiQ GRC is a world leading provider of solutions for submarine, naval surface and commercial ship design and onboard stability assessment. With over 20 years experience, its Paramarine software has modelled and analysed thousands of concepts and is used extensively in both the defence and commercial sectors world-wide by shipbuilders, designers , operators and owners. Customers include Keel Marine, Princess Yachts, BAE Systems, Northrup Grumman, DCNS, and specialist commercial vessel designers such as Sustainable Maritime Technologies, Oeswag and Bernard Olesinski. Paramarine is also used by some of the world’s leading academic institutions including MIT and UCL. As part of the QinetiQ Group, GRC is able to draw upon QinetiQ’s vast maritime knowledge and experience.


Source: qinetiq, October 11, 2011