Five Oceans Services Changes Name to Siem Offshore Contractors (Germany)


Five Oceans Services GmbH announced today that the Company’s shareholder and board of directors approved a name change to Siem Offshore Contractors GmbH.

Siem Offshore Contractors (SOC), formerly Five Oceans Services, is an experienced submarine cable and subsea umbilical installation, repair and maintenance contractor serving the worldwide offshore oil and gas as well as renewable energy industries.

SOC is a German company with its head office situated in the City of Leer and was formed in 2003. SOC has gained great experience by providing its service to the demanding worldwide offshore oil and gas industry, meeting the highest industry standards for quality, health, safety, secrurity and environmental protection.

In March 2011 SOC became a wholly owned subsidiary of Siem Offshore (SIOFF) and has direct access and utilises in-house resources of SIOFF as its core assets to service its clients. The combined capabilities of SIOFF’s marine operations and the engineering and installation experience of SOC form a natural and strong partnership in the benefit of its clients.

The team behind the SOC organisation has a long active history in the submarine cable and subsea umbilical installation, repair and maintenance market since 1985, whereby various engineering disciplines are fully integrated with geophysical and geotechnical expertise.

Based on its in-house resources as well as experience, SOC can install, maintain and repair submarine cables as well as subsea umbilical in any water depths and geographical area.

To compliment its client requirements for turnkey solutions, SOC has established long-term cooperation agreements for services inclusive but not limited to diving, trenching and ROV support, marine survey and positioning as well as cable termination, testing and commissioning.


Source: siemoffshorecontractors, September 23, 2011