CSR Develops 3MW Wind Turbine (China)


Recently, a 3MW high-adaptability wind generator was developed in CSR Zhuzhou Electric Co., Ltd. According to the source, this is the country’s most powerful of its kind in commercial operation and volume production.

Due to small size, light weight and mature technology, double-feed wind generator is a mainstream product in the domestic wind power generation industry, with a market share of 75%. However, due to the existence of gearbox and other structural characteristics, it is critical of environment and repair. The double-feed wind generator developed by CSR Zhuzhou integrated the system of salt fog, mould and cold resistance based on market demands, can satisfy special environmental requirements of coastal and high-altitude areas such as damp heat and severe cold. Compared to similar products, it boasts advantages such as lower temperature, higher efficiency and better reliability, can resist gale beyond the Great Wall and sea waves.

The development of the model will be of great significance for CSR to further develop domestic and overseas offshore and onshore wind power markets as a manufacturing base with the largest output of wind generators in China.


Source: csrgc, July 18, 2011;