GL Garrad Hassan Organises Renewable Energy Seminars (UK)


GL Garrad Hassan and GL Academy are merging their expertise to offer joint training seminars. The cooperation combines GL Garrad Hassan’s knowledge as a technical authority on wind, wave, tidal and solar power, and its eight years of experience in providing international training, with GL Academy’s know-how as an established global provider of maritime and management systems training.

With GL Garrad Hassan’s skilled trainers working within the GL Academy infrastructure and through GL Academy’s local branch offices, these combined training programmes will be offered worldwide. The development of future seminars for the renewables community will also be supported by GL Academy’s knowledge of training organisation and state-of-the-art teaching techniques.

Andrew Brown, who manages GL Garrad Hassan’s training courses, will be a part of the global GL Academy team and takes on the role of Product Manager for Renewables responsible for the marketing, preparation and organisation of the seminars.

GL Garrad Hassan experts are set to conduct several training seminars this year including: Wind Farm Design and Introduction to WindFarmer, Wind Farm Performance Verification and Optimisation, Offshore Wind Energy, Turbine Technology, Introduction to Meteorology, Wind Farm Electrical Systems and Wind Farm Projects and Investment Risk.

Seminar: Wind Farm Design

For developers, engineers and planners wishing to gain a clear understanding of practical wind farm design, GL’s wind farm design course introduces to the principles of wind farm design, giving a detailed overview of the design process, starting from the principles of wind flow, turbulence, wake effects, and ending with optimised energy production and environmental analysis. Investment in an understanding of wind farm design can reduce timelines and costs at the development stages of a project.

25 July 2011

J’berg, South Africa

28 July 2011

Sao Paulo, Brazil

19. Oct. 2011

Madrid, Spain

Seminar: Financing Your Wind Farm

Developers, lenders and other professionals can expand their technical and commercial knowledge of the due diligence process and learn more about the wind industry including a detailed overview of the project finance technical due diligence process.

30. Aug. 2011

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Seminar: Introduction to Meteorology

Wind resource analysts, project managers, developers, civil and structural designers, lenders, turbine designers and other professionals who wish to acquire a comprehensive overview about technical and commercial aspects of the meteorological characteristics of wind power developments. Meteorological basics, weather systems, and atmospheric modelling will be explained in detail. Wind power meteorology, the atmospheric structure and scales are also covered.

This course offers an introduction to meteorology, with application to wind energy in mind. The modelling of the atmosphere will be discussed, and finally, the most important aspects of wind power meteorology will be described, these include: local effects, variations on different scales, “strange animals in the micro-scale zoo” like complex terrain, forestry, wind profiles, and thermally-driven winds.

30. Sep. 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark

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