Germany: AMBAU Secures Order from Windreich AG to Manufacture 80 Tripods for MEG Offshore 1 Project


The AMBAU GmbH success story continues. Windreich AG has placed an order with the company for the manufacture of 80 tripods for the MEG Offshore 1 project.

This is the largest complete order for offshore foundation structures to be received by AMBAU. Following the order for 80 sets of monopiles and transition pieces for the Meerwind project, AMBAU can now apply its expertise to the production of tripods.

The tripods for the 80 5-megawatt-class offshore wind energy units are to be manufactured at all five AMBAU sites, incorporating approximately 100,000 tonnes of steel. MEG Offshore 1 is to be located around 45 kilometres north of the island of Borkum. Approximately 1,500 million kilowatt hours of electricity are set to be generated each year.

Windreich AG is one of the leading initiators of the offshore wind industry. The strong corporate group is actively involved in creating the energy supply of tomorrow, productively placing the capital of numerous investors in regenerative energies.


Source: Ambau, July 07, 2011;