NWFTC to Announce Partnership with Two Colleges at Offshore Wind 2011 (UK)

National Wind Farm Training Centre is announcing at Offshore Wind 2011 its partnership with two colleges on the UK’s east and west coasts; Lowestoft and Barrow-in-Furness. In conjunction with Lowestoft College and Furness College, NWFTC will provide specialist, customisable courses to meet the demands of the fast-growing offshore wind energy sector.

The training facilities at both sites include purpose built towers to simulate a wind turbine. At Lowestoft, the College’s Environmental Training Pool, which simulates sea conditions including waves, wind, rain and varying light levels, will be used for associated Marine Safety Training. In addition NWFTC and the Colleges will be uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive training service to the wind industry including climbing, rescue, first aid, sea survival, boat transfer, confined space, fire fighting, emergency response and vessel crew training.

Building on the two colleges’ long associations with the offshore industries and supporting the existing marine training facilities, the centre will also provide fully accredited apprenticeships for people looking for a career in the wind energy sector.

Colin Urquhart, Managing Director, NWFTC explained, “As the wind farm industry develops there is an increasing need for relevant training which meets the specific needs of those working on and supporting wind farms. Through these partnerships, we will be able to offer customisable programmes at a convenient location, which will help to build a consistently and highly-trained workforce for the industry.”

Mary Myers, The Director of Furness Training, the business development arm of Furness College at Barrow-in-Furness commented “wind farms are an important employer for local people. We want to make sure that relevant training is also available locally, which is why we’ve partnered with the NWFTC to offer these courses”.

“The East coast has a long tradition of working with the sea, originally with the fishing industry and more recently with the oil and gas sector”, explained Simon Summers, Principal and CEO of Lowestoft College. “The College is employer-focussed and has always supported the international maritime sector from its base in Lowestoft with relevant, accredited training programmes, so we’re delighted to announce this partnership with the National Wind Farm Training Centre in Lowestoft, the hub of the East coast offshore wind sector.”

The Head of Maritime, Offshore & Energy Studies at Lowestoft College, Ian Pease said, “NWFTC and Lowestoft College have partnered because we have many synergies and complimentary expertise which is relevant to offshore wind safety. This new collaborative approach to training will ensure that the companies and 1412001988 people associated with the wind energy sector can get the training and development they need, when they need it.”

Training will also be available for the emergency services to aid them in their support to the growing number of wind farms in the UK. Future plans also include health & safety courses to management level.



Source: prlog, June 24, 2011; Image: renewable-uk