Ming Yang Offers Engineering and Construction Solutions for Offshore Wind Farms (China)


China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited (“Ming Yang” or the “Company”), a leading wind turbine manufacturer in China, today announced detailed plans for the commercialization of its 2.5/3.0MW Super Compact Drive (“SCD”) prototype wind turbine generator (“WTG”).

The Company also celebrated six months of successful operation of its 2.5/3.0MW SCD prototype in Rudong, Jiangsu, which was connected to the power grid at the end of 2010.

The Company also noted that the National Energy Administration of the People’s Republic of China announced that there will be a working forum on offshore wind power in China in Nantong, Jiangsu on June 22, 2011. In advance of the forum, delegates from various government departments and the Chinese wind power industry today paid an onsite visit to witness the operation of Ming Yang’s SCD WTG at the Rudong Development Zone Offshore Wind Farm.

To support the commercialization of its 2.5/3.0MW SCD WTG, Ming Yang announced that has completed the planning stage for its supply chain for the SCD WTG including:

  • Vertically Integrated Supply Chain: Core components including blades, generators, gearboxes and electrical control systems are to be either manufactured in-house or purchased through an affiliated company.
  • Total Quality Assurance: A Total Quality Assurance System (“TQAS”) has been established covering the entire manufacturing process, including blade static load testing, WTG test rig, gearbox test rig, electrical test systems and self-developed large scale WTG full working condition/full power load test bed in China. During the full power load testing under grid conditions of the first batch of the 2.5/3.0MW SCD WTGs destined for Dabancheng, Xinjiang, up to 110% of their rated maximum output power was achieved.
  • Complete SCD Product Line: Ming Yang plans to offer customized SCD WTGs in configurations of 2.5MW and 3.0MW, catering to IIA, IIA+, IIIA and IIIA+ and other grades of wind conditions for onshore, coastal and offshore applications. As of March 31, 2011, Ming Yang had signed orders for 67 units of SCD WTGs, with an aggregated of 85 additional units awarded.
  • A Unique Competitive Edge in Offshore Wind Power Total Solution: Ming Yang has teamed up with China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (“MBEC”) to provide integrated WTG, engineering and construction solutions for offshore wind farms in China. MBEC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Railway Group Limited and is a large integrated construction group that encompasses bridge construction and research, reconnaissance and design, construction and equipment manufacturing. Ming Yang hopes to utilize MBEC’s expertise in offshore construction and equipment to offer a unique total wind power solution using SCD WTGs.

“The fact that Ming Yang has been able to create the industrial supply chain for 1.5MW wind turbine, to engage and dedicate themselves in building up the whole SCD supply chain, as well as a comprehensive test platform within such a short period of time, is nothing short of astonishing,” said Mr. Soenke Siegfriedsen, Managing Director of aerodyn Asia Co., Ltd. “This should lay a solid foundation for the commercialization of the SCD WTG.”

“Ming Yang is firmly on track with its SCD roll out and growth plans. We believe the successful operation of our SCD prototype in Rudong demonstrates the commercial feasibility of our SCD technology and its reliability,” said Chuanwei Zhang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ming Yang. “Building up the SCD platform from core components to the complete WTG and our full power testing platform will help us provide large scale production of the 2.5/3.0MW SCD WTG as well as reduce the installation and testing cycle. This marks another significant milestone towards our goal of ‘Zero Inspection Testing with Low Maintenance’. We also believe we are the first WTG manufacturer in China with the ability to develop the full power testing platform and provide total solutions for offshore WTG installation. I am confident that the unique technology and cost advantages of the SCD coupled with such a competitive total solution will help Ming Yang become the leading provider of offshore wind power technology in China.”



Source: prnewswire, June 22, 2011; Image: mywind