Aluminium BoatBuilding Delivers ‘Viking’ to Excel Marine Services (UK)

Aluminium BoatBuilding Co Ltd has recently delivered “Viking” to Excel Marine Services Ltd in Whitstable, this 18.25m aluminium catamaran is the 16th “Catfish” catamaran whose design was specifically developed for UK and surrounding waters.

The vessel is the 8th “Catfish Crewcat” supplied into the growing offshore windfarm industry. This is Excel Marine’s fith catamaran in as many years with a further boat (another 18.25m) on order from ABC Ltd. “Viking” is a truly versatile vessel with many additional features to those fitted to “Vulcan”. She is powered by twin Cat C32 1470hp motors coupled to Twin Disc MGX 6620A 1.72:1 QuickShift boxes running through Clements Marine 2 3/4in shafts and 31x 36 Hydroform 5 bladed propellers. Although the engines are currently de-rated she will still achieve speeds of 29knots with more to come when full power is available, making her one of the fastest boats currently in the industry.

The Additional features are fuel bunkering of 14000 liters to a height of 75ltrs per minute at a head of 40ft, salt and fresh water high pressure tower washing facilities, retractable diving platform/ ladder assembly for ease of access to and from the water, high pressure high volume firefighting pump.


Source: alloyboats, June 14, 2011