Marine Data Experts Partrac Strengthen Their Metocean Division (UK)


Marine data experts Partrac announced recently that Dr Emmanuel Osalusi, a numerical hydrodynamic engineer, has joined the company.

Emmanuel completed his PhD thesis (‘Analysis of Wave and Current Data in a Tidal Energy Test Site’) at the UK European Marine Energy Centre, Orkney, in 2009. His research focused on developing a better understanding of the short-term fluctuations in tidal stream velocity, resulting from turbulence and wave-current interactions. Emmanuel’s PhD not only provided him with an opportunity to explore the technicalities of the flow dynamics at several tidal energy conversion sites (TEC), but it also provided him with experience on a more general level of the range of engineering and scientific issues associated with capturing marine energy.

Partrac lead the global tidal energy sector in terms of practical resource estimation, and they have completed projects for numerous major power and technology developers successfully and with a high data return. Since joining the company Emmanuel has made significant technical contributions in many areas, including instrument specification, data acquisition and sampling design, data QA metrics and analytical routines, time series and extreme value analysis, and turbulence description. Not only has Emmanuel broadened and strengthened Partrac’s inhouse data processing and analysis capability, but it has widened the range of services Partrac is able to offer commercially. Partrac now provides a complete metocean service offering to tidal energy clients, ranging from survey design, through to data acquisition and analysis to power yield estimation.


Source: partrac, June 08, 2011