Holland Home of Wind Energy Established New Export Association for Wind Energy in The Netherlands


The new Association Holland Home of Wind Energy has been established in Rotterdam.

The goal of Holland Home of Wind Energy (HHWE) is to promote the Dutch wind energy sector on existing and new emerging wind energy markets. The first target country will be China and the Southeast Asian region.

The worldwide market for wind energy keeps on growing. The Netherlands have a long history in wind energy. The Dutch supply chain industry and knowledge institutes are famous in the world for their technology and innovative power, both onshore and offshore. By joining forces in HHWE and active Holland Branding the Dutch can increase their visibility on foreign markets. Cooperation between the private sector and knowledge institutes will increase the applicability of Dutch technology and enhances further specialization. This will strengthen the Dutch wind energy sector abroad.

Most important activities of HHWE are:

– Encouraging mutual cooperation between HHWE members and affiliated industry organizations.

– Organization of trade missions and effective participation at international events and conferences for members.

– Research into new emerging markets.

– Making up-to-date market information available for HHWE members.

– Supporting members by entering these new markets.

– Conducting market research.

– Making Up-to-date market information available for the members.

– Setting-up innovative Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s).

– Implement international (government-funded) projects.

– Fix international (state granted)projects for the members.

– Strengthening the international network for HHWE members.

– Legal support.

– Executing the 3 year 2g@there program for the Dutch Wind Energy market.

From June 22-24, 2011 HHWE will represent the Netherlands on the Wind Power Asia Fair in Beijing. HHWE is also supporting a large PPP-project on Wind Energy in China. This week, a large cluster of Dutch companies and knowledge institutes in the wind energy sector will submit a proposal for government support in the framework of the 2g@there program of the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation.

Chairman of HHWE is Wim Jenniskens, director of VDL Klima. Other board members are Robert Slettenhaar (Director of Slettenhaar Sourcing Consultancy), Mr. Arnold Timmer (Director at We4Ce), Mr. Bart Martens (Director at Wind-Fix). Managing Director of HHWE is Mr. Gerrit Klanderman. Mr. Klanderman will be supported by Mrs. Janneta Versteeg, management assistant of RS Vision BV in Rotterdam.


Source: HHWE, May 18, 2011