Offshore Hotel Vessel for Walney II (UK)


Comfort at Sea, the joint venture between Blue Water Shipping, Denmark and ISP, Miami, has arranged a charter of the M/V SEA SPIRIT to Siemens PLC, as an offshore accommodation vessel for wind turbine installations in the Irish Sea. The vessel has been delivered Barrow-in-Furness, UK, and will be on charter until the beginning/mid-September, when it will be replaced by another ISP-managed ship.

“We are very pleased that within a few months of being formed, Comfort at Sea has obtained its first accommodation contract, and we understand that Blue Water Shipping is in communication with a number of companies for accommodation vessels for 2012. We look forward to expanded activity within Comfort at Sea in the future” stated Niels-Erik Lund, President, ISP-Miami.

Kurt Skov, Blue Water Shipping, Esbjerg stated, “At Blue Water Shipping we are also very pleased that Comfort at Sea managed to get a contract so quickly and are in negotiations on contracts for the coming year. The relationship with ISP has been very satisfactory and we are pleased to see that the SEA SPIRIT could be delivered with such short notice and with a number of changes to be done to the vessel in a very short time period. Furthermore, the possibility of changing vessels within the contract period shows the flexibility Comfort at Sea will have in working with ISP managing such a large fleet of passenger ships. We expect increased activity in Comfort at Sea in the years to come.”


Source: comfortatsea, May 05, 2011