Siemens Places Major Order to Voestalpine for London Array Wind Project (UK)

Anarbeitung GmbH subsidiary of Voestalpine has received a contract to supply 20,000 tonnes of heavy metal plates for the offshore wind power project “London Array”. The sales volume of signed contract is in the tens of millions, the contract deadline is one year.

The heavy metal plates are produced in the cutting center in Linz – to be used in production of 106 wind towers for the “London Array “. By using these wind turbines, a total of 560,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions are avoided.

In phase one of the London Array wind farm about 630 MW will be installed, and when completed even one gigawatt, creating environmentally friendly electricity for 750,000 households. This equals around a quarter of the London population. Phase one is to be completed by early 2012 .

Voestalpine indicates once again that the Group concentrates on industries in development, says Adolf Beuer, sales manager of Voestalpine Anarbeitung GmbH.


Source: wirtschaftsblatt, April 29, 2011;