Transition Piece Crosses the River (UK)

Today will see a major step forward in the development of a unique course in Great Yarmouth for the fast growing offshore wind energy sector. A full scale offshore windfarm turbine foundation will be making its way by road across the town to be installed at its new base on Trinity Quay, home of East Coast Training Services (ECTS).


ECTS commissioned Richards Dry Dock and Engineering to construct the 14 tonne, 3.5m diameter foundation to provide a unique facility which will be used to train offshore windfarm technicians on how to transfer form vessels to offshore windfarms safely.

The course will be a first for the industry. Not only will trainees learn the theory about transferring, they will also be able to practice the correct technique using a vessel of the type used offshore and the purpose built turbine foundation which will be installed at Trinity Quay. In addition, delegates will participate in a Man-Over-Board drill at sea.

ECTS Principal Michael Martins said: “Our aim is to use our experience in marine operations to ensure that offshore wind turbine technicians have the best training to minimise the risk accidents taking place. ECTS is part of the Gardline group of companies and we have been operating offshore for over 40 years. We are currently providing turbine transfer services for a number of offshore windfarms in both the UK and Europe so we have considerable experience in these types of procedures.”

The course has been developed in association with Petans which has been providing professional safety training for over 30 years from its bases in Norfolk and Suffolk.

The first delegates should start training at the centre in June and will be arriving from both the UK and Europe. The development of the course is another component part in making Great Yarmouth the centre of excellence for the renewables industry.


Source: gardline, April 20, 2011