Lindø Industrial Park and Smulders Group Sign Lease Agreement for Facilities at Lindø (Denmark)

Lindø Industrial Park and Smulders Group have entered into a conditional agreement for lease of facilities at Lindø. Smulders Group is Europe’s leading producer of foundations and towers for offshore wind turbines. Setting up extra production capacity at Lindø will further boost the position of Smulders Group’s Wind turbine construction division in Northern Europe. In addition, Lindø Industrial Park will take another step towards its aim of establishing an international and innovative offshore wind cluster.

The agreement with Smulders Group is project based with a mutual wish to expand and prolong the cooperation.

”Smulders Group is a significant player on the wind turbine market, and we are pleased that they have seen a strong match between their expansionary ambitions and Lindø Industrial Park, where we have the best facilities in Northern Europe for an efficient production of foundations for offshore wind turbines. Obviously, we are very glad that this agreement has been concluded, and it is of great importance to have yet another significant tenant  in the industrial park who will contribute to continued production and development at Lindø ,” says Michael Nymark Hansen, Senior Vice President, Head of Lindø Industrial Park.

Lindø Industrial Park is in the process of a conversion where the decision to close down the shipbuilding production in 2009 was followed by an ambitious plan, along with the building of the last vessels, to set up an industrial park on the 1 million square metre area. The shipbuilding activities will end early 2012, and even now there are more than 30 enterprises at Lindø who have set up in the industrial park – and interest is growing.

”In the industrial park we highly appreciate the positive acknowledgement that our project has received.There is no doubt in our minds that our central location with our own harbour, the unique production facilities and the strong logistical solutions create the optimum frame for the wind turbine cluster we hope to create here at Lindø. Strong relations and good will with regard to both public and private players combined with great interest from education and research environments to participate, all contribute towards making the environment at Lindø unique, and right now we see the draft outlines being made in relation to a thriving environment where innovation and production go hand in hand and where increased political focus on Denmark as a wind turbine nation will promote opportunities and competition in an international perspective,” says Michael Nymark Hansen.

Everyone at Lindø Industrial Park welcomes the new tenant and we all look forward to a good and lasting cooperation.


Source: lindo-industripark, March 18, 2011