Offshore Wind Power to Switch to High Voltage Direct Current (Belgium)

One of the major challenges in offshore wind resource assessment is gathering and validating data to support development of the wind turbines.

To date, developers have constructed meteorological masts to collect comprehensive wind data. These masts, however, are approximately 100 metres tall and typically cost around $5 million to design and install. Once construction approval is granted, a lengthy process itself, the mast can take about a year to build.

The WindSentinel™ offshore wind assessment buoy from AXYS Technologies costs substantially less, can be deployed within six months of purchase, and requires minimal regulatory approvals and minimal permitting. Once deployed, it can be moved to other locations, allowing significant flexibility in the data gathering process.

To support the data gathered using the WindSentinel™ one of AXYS’ clients has turned to GL Garrad Hassan, recognized industry professionals in renewable energy consultancy, to develop a protocol that aims to validate the data they are gathering and ensure that the WindSentinel™ meets its objectives.

The WindSentinel™ uses a Vindicator® laser wind sensor as its primary wind assessment tool. The Vindicator®, developed by Catch the Wind, measures wind data using three pulsed lasers to obtain atmospheric measurements without the need for a traditional meteorological tower. As part of the process, Vindicator® measurements are evaluated against fixed reference measurements in a two-phase test campaign to demonstrate the accuracy of data and efficacy of the onboard motion compensation algorithms that mitigate the influence of the dynamic buoy motion on the readings. Once consistency between the two sets of data has been established, the Vindicator® may be deployed in the desired assessment location.

“By following GL Garrad Hassan’s protocol, our clients can maximize the value of the data gathered from the WindSentinel” said Graham Howe, International Business Development for Renewable Energy at AXYS Technologies. “Using the WindSentinel enables them to significantly accelerate the pace of their project and show valid data to their backers.”

AXYS Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures, distributes and maintains remote environmental data acquisition, processing and telemetry systems.



Source: ewea, March 17, 2011