Studies Say – no Causal Link Between Wind Turbines and Human Health; National Working Group Concludes Sounds or Vibrations Emitted From Wind Turbines Have no Adverse Effect on Human Health

A growing body of scientific evidence clearly indicates there is no causal link between wind turbines and health effects in humans. This has been supported by a large number of studies and panels of international experts, including a study by the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ) (National Public Health Institute of Québec).

The INSPQ study, which was made public in September 2009, concludes that “the infrasound generated by wind turbines is not of sufficient intensity to cause health problems, or even a nuisance.” All the authors of this study were members of a working group, the Wind Turbines Committee, formed by the Table nationale de concertation en santé environnementale (TNCSE) (National Issue Table on Environmental Health).The study is available on the INSPQ web site at

In December 2009 an international panel of experts jointly established by the Canadian and American Wind Energy Association released a report based on a review of a significant body of scientific literature on sound and health effects, and specifically with regard to sound produced by wind turbines. This multidisciplinary panel concluded sounds or vibrations emitted from wind turbines have no adverse effect on human health.The panel’s objective was to provide an authoritative reference document for those who make legislative or regulatory decisions about wind farm development projects. The study is available at the following link:

“The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) supports the responsible and sustainable development of wind energy in Canada,” says its president, Robert Hornung. “These studies address concerns and answer questions about the effects of wind turbines on human health. The wind energy industry in Québec and in Canada remains proactive and ensures that wind energy developments become good neighbours in the communities that have adopted wind energy.”

About the Canadian Wind Energy Association

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Source: canwea, February 11, 2011