AEG Power Solutions and Moog Sign € 2 Million Contract for Chargers Delivery

AEG Power Solutions (Amsterdam:3WP)(AEG PS), wholly owned by 3W Power(Euronext Amsterdam 3WP, Frankfurt 3W9, ISIN GG00B39QCR01, WKN A0Q5SX) and Moog, major supplier for the wind Energy industry, sign a frame agreement contract valued up to € 2 million for chargers delivery.

Moog is a world-leading manufacturer of innovative control solutions, providing pitch systems, slip ring solutions, blade sensing and rotor monitoring systems for the wind energy industry. Its equipment, systems and services are be used in multiple wind farms around the world with over 15,000 systems in the field.

“We truly appreciate the opportunity to continue our close and long-term relationship with Moog’s Industrial Controls Group, and look forward to the new opportunities ahead of us in the rapidly growing wind power market. Together with our strong manufacturing team in Belecke we will use all our resources to stay an innovative and flexible business partner to Moog’s Industrial Controls Group,” said Sebastian Oertel AEG Power Solution’s Global Head of Business Development Transportation & Wind.

Since the creation of AEG in 1887, it has established a continuous track record for serving customers with rugged, reliable systems and solutions. With years of experience in the wind industry AEG PS used its world-class battery chargers and experience to provide Moog with a tailored solution that fits into all of the requirements of their Electric Blade Pitch system, which in turn generates significant cost and energy savings while securing energy availability.

With an AEG PS charger solution inside the blade, Moog can provide a reliable, high-performance and robust system that optimizes blade pitch control for efficiency, increased life expectancy and an average direct energy saving over traditional solutions. Customized or standard solutions, reliability and a global service team are just a few of the many attributes AEG PS customers find in the end-to-end power solutions leader’s Wind Energy portfolio.

AEG PS power supplies are manufactured with premium, industrial-grade components built to withstand extreme weather conditions, high-temperature, seismic environments and other environmental hazards where turbines needs to operate. Engineers at AEG PS designed Moog’s battery charger to meet its unique technical requirements and form factor.

“Understanding where the future of Wind Energy and efficiencies are heading, we developed our Wind Energy products to exceed existing efficiency levels to ensure compliance today and through the foreseeable future. AEG PS has power supplies on the market that lived up to our high standards,” said Mr. Sherif El-Henaoui, marketing director, Europe, Moog Industrial Controls Group. “Most power solution providers offer off-the-shelf units manufactured to meet a certain standard, but we needed flexible solutions for our Wind Energy systems and products.”

Its rich heritage enabled AEG PS to engineer the Moog Wind Energy power supply with such high efficiency and reliability, that Moog’s solutions exceeded the standards set forth by the market – a competitive advantage only few share in the Wind Energy power solutions market.

“With Moog, our wealth of experience enabled us to better understand the company’s power needs and design a custom power supply in line with the expected life of its Wind Energy power solutions. This will now provide the highest reliability and system performance under all environmental conditions, supporting reduced downtime, reducing system complexity and commissioning time,” said Sebastian Oertel.

About AEG Power Solutions

AEG Power Solutions is a world-leading provider of premium power electronics. It offers one of the world’s most comprehensive product and service portfolios in power conversion and control, for customers spanning the infrastructure markets of energy, telecom, lighting, transportation and general industrial sectors. System solutions from AEG PS are designed to interface with the electrical power grid and to offer power solutions for mission-critical applications in harsh environments, such as power plants, offshore oil rigs, chemical refineries, and utility-scale renewable energy plants. The company has developed a full range of products for the solar energy industry, from solar inverters to turnkey solutions and is investing in solutions that will enable distributed power generation and smart micro-grids. Renowned for engineering excellence, the company’s customers benefit from 60 years of expertise and field-proven products..

AEG PS generated revenue of €400 million in 2009 with more than 1,500 employees around the world.

3W Power Holdings S.A. is the holding company of AEG Power Solutions Group. Shares and Warrants in the company are admitted to trading on NYSE Euronext, Amsterdam (tickerl: 3WP and 3WPW, respectively). Shares are also traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ticker: 3W9).

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Source: businesswire, February 08, 2011