Offshore Energy Development Conference (USA)

Training & Education

Law Seminars International presents a comprehensive conference on Offshore Energy Development in Boston on March 3 & 4.

This seminar will examine the current state of permitting requirements, interagency cooperation, national leadership and its impact on offshore renewable energy development as well as the relationships between offshore wind and other seabed users.

The Offshore Energy Development Conference brings together all of the key players from developers, regulators, marine installers, turbine manufacturers, and non-wind seabed users who share the seabed for a candid discussion of the latest developments and what they mean for the business.

What You Will Learn

* ~Bringing Atlantic wind online

* ~Offshore alternative energy development as an emerging seabed use

* ~Zoning the oceans

* ~Federal/state policy coordination

* ~Regulatory and policy frameworks for marine resource protection

* ~Generating electricity offshore

* ~Non-environmental regulatory and installation issues

* ~Coordinating alternative energy seabed users

* ~Lessons from a recently permitted offshore LNG project

* ~Best strategies for planning a wind project


Source: lawseminars, January 27, 2011