Mammoet Group Now Owns 100% of KR Wind

Effective from 10 January 2011, KR Wind is owned 100% by the Mammoet Group.

The acquisition will increase Mammoet’s focus on offshore wind turbine construction internationally.

KR Wind and Mammoet are already familiar with each other as Mammoet has played an important role to KR Wind from the very beginning.

Back in 2002, KR Wind was established as a joint venture between the Mammoet Group and the Danish Enggaard Group. Since then and until 10 January 2011, Mammoet has owned 50% of the shares of KR Wind.

Therefore, since the formation of KR Wind and up till today, Mammoet has had a considerable and significant impact on the overall business strategy for KR Wind and has contributed actively to the development of today’s KR Wind brand.

Through the acquisition on 10 January 2011, the long-term links between the two companies have been tightened even further, and the positive synergy of this change is evident.

No doubt that the combination of KR Wind’s profound knowledge and experience on the execution of wind turbine projects and Mammoet’s extensive and well-reputed network and resources worldwide is a huge benefit to KR Wind and Mammoet’s present and future business partners.

As from now on, KR Wind and Mammoet will be able to provide even stronger and more flexible solutions that will minimize risks and interfaces for our business partners during the performance of wind projects.

KR Wind and Mammoet look forward to continuing our cooperation.

About KR Wind

KR Wind’s core business is centered round logistics, lifting and installation of wind turbines on shore. Operations are run from KR Wind’s locations in Denmark, Germany, Romania, Italy, Australia, Canada and the USA. Worldwide, KR Wind counts a total permanent staff of 360 employees. More information is available on


Source: mammoet, January 25, 2011