European Investment Bank and Typhoon Offshore at Offshore Wind Installation and Maintenance Conference Rotterdam

Melchior Karigl, Financial Director at the European Investment Bank and Michael van der Heijden, Managing Director at Typhoon Offshore have confirmed their presence at the conference Offshore Wind Installation and Maintenance 2011. The second edition of the conference will open with a session on the financing of wind parks.

Within the European Investment Bank, speaker Melchior Karigl has the responsibility for structured lending transactions in the offshore wind sector. The EIB has become a key source of finance to the renewable energy market. EIB lending for renewable energy has grown dramatically over the last few years to reach EUR 4.6bn in 2009. In the overall EIB energy portfolio this forms a tripling from below 10% in 2006 to nearly 30% in 2009. The majority of this lending is directed to wind and solar power generation.

Typhoon Offshore (part of Typhoon Capital) is a green investment firm with unique expertise in bringing complex offshore wind projects to financial close (Belwind, Prinses Amalia (Q7)). The company was responsible for several revolutionary innovations in the offshore wind sector, which have become market practice. In October 2010, Typhoon Offshore and BARD Holding have signed an agreement to jointly build wind farms on the North Sea. BARD Holding will focus mainly on the technical realization of the wind farms and Typhoon Offshore mainly on the structuring and financing thereof. During Offshore Wind Installation & Maintenance 2011, Michael van der Heijden will elaborate on the realization of offshore wind parks in the North Sea, from permit to financial close.

Information about the conference

Offshore Wind Installation and Maintenance 2011 is the only event in The Netherlands to focus solely on installation and maintenance. Conference sessions will zoom in on the opportunities and the challenges in this growth market for utilities companies, development companies, offshore suppliers and service providers, and other stakeholders in the sector.

More information: Navingo BV, Femke Hoogeveen or Sophie Jongeneel ([email protected] and/or [email protected]).


Source: offshorewind, December 21, 2010