BBB, MECAL & EP4 Complete Technical Due Diligence of the Dan Tysk Offshore-Wind Farm (Germany)

On behalf of Stadtwerke München (Munich city utilities; SWM), the TDD team of BBB Umweltechnik, MECAL Wind Farm Services and EP4 Offshore have accomplished the technical evaluation of the offshore wind farm „DanTysk“. DanTysk has a planned capacity of up to 288 MW and will be one of the first large scale farms to be built in the German Territorial Waters. The wind farm is to be realised in the North Sea 70 kilometres west of the island of Sylt with water depths of up to 30 metres.

During the due diligence the project team was responsible for reviewing all Vattenfall technical documentation and assessing the viability of the wind farm. Key items addressed in the due diligence were yield estimations, electro technical concept, technical aspects of all relevant licenses, consents and evaluation of the key project contracts along with logistics, construction and operation concepts. In addition to this was the verification of the associated assumptions for CAPEX and OPEX.

The first of the 80 wind turbines will be commissioned in 2013. With the acquisition of a 49% share in the project SWM is making a big step towards its objective to cover the whole demand for electricity in Munich with green energy from its own power stations by 2025.

MECAL (MECAL Wind Farm Services)

MECAL is an independent engineering company, operating on a global scale and offering a wide range of services and products in the Semiconductor Industry, Wind Energy, and Vision & Optronics. We are headquartered in Enschede, the Netherlands. With more then 130 experienced professionals working world-wide, we have offices in the Netherlands, USA, and Japan.

In the Wind Energy market, we continue to help our customers – major wind turbine manufacturers, developers, utilities, and wind farm owners – to maximize their return on investments by increasing performance and enhancing the lifespan of the wind turbine(s).


Source: mecal, November 12, 2010;