Torque Wrenches Square Drive Predator Series increase productivity (USA)

Power Team® introduces Predator Series – its newest line of high performance hydraulic pumps and tools serving the global bolting industry. This family of high performance hydraulic products raises performance and reliability to a new level.

A new generation torque wrench features more efficient and faster operation in an envelope size that is 2/3rds the size of aluminum wrenches, allowing the tool to be used in applications where space is limited, yet is still comparable in weight.

The Predator Series of torque wrenches includes Square Drive (capacity until 33,500 Nm). Their steel body provides a compact tool that can be used in the most inaccessible bolting areas found in the industry. The 360° reaction arm and the multi-axis high flow swivel manifold allow maximum application flexibility and the unique fast operation cycle, minimum 30 degrees of rotation per stroke yields, increases productivity up to 40%.

Each component on the tools has been optimized to minimize weight and reduce operator fatigue without sacrificing strength and durability, using steel alloy, high strength titanium and aluminum. Tools utilize a high grade nickel plated finish, making them suitable for sub-sea application in a salt water environment. Rigid steel body construction involves maximum durability for reliable operation. The Predator Series of torque wrenches Square Drive have a superior torsional strength.

Minimal body twist eliminates the need for a mechanical pawl release. This torsion resistant body provides consistent torque output. A button reversal of Square Drive enables rapid tool change when tightening or loosening. It’s quicker and easier for the operator and increase productivity too. These tools also take into account his safety; he is protected by the fully enclosed drive mechanism which minimizes the potential for pinch points and injuries.

The Predator Series of torque wrenches Square Drive have a high level of reliability. For longer more durable tool life, a fine tooth pawl promotes full tooth engagement, a floating piston design eliminates off-center loading of the stroking piston and the simple design minimize the number of parts –up to 25% less parts than other wrenches. Confident in its products, SPX Hydraulic Technologies offers lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and material. The Predator range of hydraulic pumps and wrenches offers a reliable performance based solution to the challenging bolting needs.

Part of SPX Corporation, SPX Hydraulic Technologies is a global manufacturer of high pressure hydraulic cylinders, (torque wrench) pumps, torque wrenches, bolt tensioners, nut splitters, work holding and railway track systems.

Product brands are:

– PREDATOR: Bolting products for oil & gas, wind power and construction

– POWER TEAM: High performance hydraulic pumps, cylinders and tools.

– STONE: AC and DC hydraulic power units.

– HYTEC: High performance hydraulic work holding.

– GLOBE: Radial piston pneumatic motors.

– RAIL SYSTEMS: High speed solutions for the world’s railways.


Source: SPX HT, November 08, 2010