Mammoet Expands Business on 80,000 m² Site at Autrichehaven Zeeland Seaports

Mammoet Benelux, with headquarters in Schiedam (the Netherlands), recently acquired an 8 ha undeveloped harbor site on the Axel Plain (Axelse Vlakte) at Autrichehaven in Westdorpe, near Terneuzen. In the coming year Mammoet intends to develop a third Multi-Purpose Terminal for Mammoet in the Netherlands on this site.

It will include their own 300-metre quay at the new Autriche Terminal to receive vessels of up to 12.50 meters draft. The arrival of Mammoet implies a major expansion of the stevedoring activities on the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal. This makes Zeeland Seaports an excellent alternative for for the ports of Antwerp, Ghent and Vlissingen for the storage and transfer of goods for third parties. Mammoet’s expansion in the region will also create local employment opportunities.

Superheavy Lift Cranes Test Location

Mammoet is going to use the site as a test location for three new Superheavy Lift Cranes in the period ahead. Mammoet is currently developing and manufacturing this New Generation cranes which will become available in two types in 2011. The PTC 120 DS (maximum load moment 120,000 ton meters) and the PTC 160 DS (160,000 ton meters) combine an enormous capacity and versatility.

Mammoet Terminals

Mammoet has two other terminals besides the terminal which is going to be built in the Terneuzen port area. The Heavy Lift Terminal in Schiedam at Nieuwe Maas in the port of Rotterdam has a 20,000 m² storage area. The existing Multi-Purpose Terminal in Westdorpe, near Terneuzen, has a covered storage capacity of 8,000 m² and an outdoor storage area of 15,000 m². Container liners leave for Vlissingen, Rotterdam and Antwerp every day. Mammoet has more than enough lifting and transport equipment (as well as ro-ro possibilities) on both existing terminals and highly skilled staff is available to meet all storage and transfer demands.


Mammoet is an expert in heavy lifting and multimodal transport. Mammoet is specialized in transporting, shipping, placing (vertically or horizontally), and removing large and/or heavy objects from and to every location, on land or at sea. Mammoet serves five major markets: the petrochemical industry, the energy sector, the civil sector, the offshore industry, and the maritime industry. Mammoet offers tailor-made solutions. Our solutions are distinguished by inventiveness, a profession approach, high-quality equipment, and an emphasis on safety, quality and environmental management. Mammoet Benelux is a part of Mammoet, the world market leader in terms of heavy transport and lifting operations.


Source: mammoet, November 05, 2010