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Damen’s Offshore Wind Vessels aim to support both energy companies and offshore contractors at every stage of an offshore wind farm’s lifecycle: development, installation, operations and maintenance. Damen has and continues to work hard on introducing new designs, demonstrating its commitment to giving its customers the solutions they need to succeed in the market.

Damen Offshore Wind – Shipyards Gorinchem

ASV 7017

The Accommodation Service Vessel 7017 builds on the experiences gained from the larger ASV9020 in a smaller, lower-cost package. It facilitates optimal logistics flows for carrying out maintenance and repairs for the offshore wind industry. The vessel is equipped with a motion-compensated gangwayand-elevator solution, 3D motion compensated crane, daughter craft and well-appointed accommodation for up to 60 persons. A hybrid-drive power solution and innovative low-noise and efficient thruster configuration ensure efficient and reliable service.

ASV 9020

The ASV 9020 features an optimised hull form, perfect for the stable transfer of personnel and equipment. The vessel’s optimised logistics flow enables smooth, safe maintenance, repair and construction support for both the offshore wind industry and the oil & gas sector. The ASV 9020 is equipped with a motion-compensated gangway, stepless access, 3D motion compensated crane, a capable daughter craft and an integrated heli-deck. The vessel features proven, best-in-class operability and comfortable, well positioned accommodation for up to 90 persons.

FCS 2710

Based on the success of the FCS 2610 and improved all round in close cooperation with the offshore wind industry, the FCS 2710 is Damen’s new Twin Axe design. The vessel can accommodate over 24 industrial personnel and comes with a single level foredeck, light and spacious accommodation areas and increased comfort and operability. The accommodation features no stairs towards the bow of the vessel, significantly building on HSEQ characteristics.

Damen has invested a great deal of time in improving the hull design of the Twin Axe. The development ensures the new vessel’s ability to achieve unrivalled seakeeping behaviour at high speeds. The Twin Axe hull shape, along with the increased height of the vessel above the waterline, mean that the vessel can operate at these speeds in higher sea states, greatly extending the operating window.

The Twin Axe hull of the vessel works by significantly reducing the accelerations that the vessel encounters whilst sailing in waves. In addition to providing comfortable transportation, it confers on the vessel the additional benefit of considerably improved fuel efficiency. Comfort is additionally improved by increasing the volume of the accommodation and also the size of the windows to allow more natural light inside and to give views of the horizon ahead and from both sides. The vessel design offers a single level working deck area with extensive cargo capacity. The FCS 2710 is extremely versatile, as can be seen by the range of options that can be included to suit the vessel to any customer’s needs.

FCS 3410 

In an elongated version of the FCS 2710, the Fast Crew Supplier 3410 gives even larger capacities and flexibility. The vessel can be delivered with additional accommodation space with up to twelve single cabins for industrial personnel. Alternatively, the foredeck can be extended in order to transport up to four TEU containers. The additional length of the vessel and its increased accommodation capacity provide the FCS 3410 with the capability to remain at sea for periods of up to five days at a time. As with the FCS 2710, in order to ensure the FCS 3410 is suitable to the North American market, Damen is preparing for it to be built under licence at non-Damen yards in the USA, in accordance with the Jones Act.


The DG JACK range is collaboration between Damen and GustoMSC, based on GustoMSC’s strong track record in the design of jack-ups and provision of jacking systems, combined with Damen’s extensive experience in shipbuilding and weight optimisation, financing and worldwide after-sales services.

The DG JACK range features four jack-ups, the DG JACK 6136 P, 7140P, 5632P and 14350P, with the capability to operate at 60, 80 and 55 metres of water depth respectively.

The DG JACK 14350 P has a capacity to carry three complete next generation wind turbines including complete towers, nacelles and blades. The crane of the DG JACK 14350 P has a capacity of 1250t at a height of 135 above the working deck – 160m above sea level for installing towers and complete nacelles. For installing monopiles the crane can also lift 2000t at 110m above deck. DG JACK 14350 P is equipped with the high standard VFD controlled GMSC jacking system for smooth and safe operation. With a total leg length of ca 107m, DG JACK 14350 P can stand in a waterdepth up to 65m.The accommodation is suitable for 70 persons in single berth cabins and can be increased to 130 persons in double berth cabins. The joint Damen and GustoMSC team is fully aligned to provide an optimised solution covering the complete lifecycle of the units, including the design, construction and delivery as well as services during operational life.

The decision to partner up to deliver the DG JACK was based on extensive feedback from the market. Industry trends towards larger turbine capacity demonstrate the need for such a range. At the same time, operational experience to date has shown the requirement for jack-up intervention. And, with operational life of a wind farm being between 20 and 25 years, the case for JACK is clear.

Wind & Offshore Lifting Factor (WOLF) 2500 (patent pending) 

The Damen WOLF 2500 is a robust new platform able to work across the offshore renewable and non-renewables markets as well as in decommissioning in North Sea conditions. The WOLF’s crane delivers multi-market versatility enabling the vessel to install and decommission not only transition pieces and monopoles, but also jackets for oil & gas installations. The vessel is 148 metres long, with a beam of 49 metres and shallow draft capabilities. It will sail at speeds of up to 12-14 knots with a crane capacity of 2,500 tonnes. Safety is a key feature that runs throughout the design’s features, for example in the safe passageway below deck by which the 80 persons on board can move around the vessel away from the working areas.

The WOLF 2500 is designed to reduce the cost of wind farm installation. This is achieved by various means. The design is cost-efficient, featuring limited non-essential equipment and an optimal logistical flow. The WOLF 2500 has a large deck for transporting foundation pieces, with crane located amidships to the side – within reach of the foundations. With 5000m2 free deck space there is no need for a support vessel. And, with installation carried out with a state-of-the-art DP system there is also no requirement for mooring winches, anchors or wires and, as such, less risk to underwater infrastructure. Installation on DP also significantly increases the speed of installation.

Damen Shipyards Group 

Damen Shipyards Group operates more than 36 shipyards and related companies worldwide. Consistent quality and short delivery times, due to standardised designs, modular construction and keeping vessels in stock, are Damen hallmarks. Proven technology, reliable performance and continuous (scientific) research enable Damen to offer customers innovative vessels with great Total Cost of Ownership.

Damen’s portfolio encompasses different types of tugs, workboats, high-speed craft, fast ferries, and cargo vessels, all of in-house design. In addition to the series-built, standard-type vessels, Damen is also active in the designing and building specialised workboats and patrol vessels, such as buoy laying vessels, pipe-laying barges, naval and patrol vessels and other large seagoing workboats.

In addition to shipbuilding Damen offers supporting services, such as Damen Technical Cooperation (i.e. vessel packages for local building), repair and maintenance services (incl. spare parts), asset management systems, customer finance and crew training programmes.

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