Floating Power Plant Siemens Gamesa

Floating Power Plant Buys Siemens Gamesa Wind Turbine for Demonstrator Project

Denmark’s Floating Power Plant has purchased a wind turbine from Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy for its flagship demonstrator project located off the coast of Gran Canaria.

Floating Power Plant Siemens Gamesa
Illustration; Source: Floating Power Plant

According to the company, the selected wind turbine, a 4.3 MW SWT-DD-120 from Siemens Gamesa, fits Floating Power Plant’s requirements for a well-established technology.

The wind turbine generator will play a crucial role in the company’s full-scale demonstrator project, showcasing “an unprecedented” integration of wind power, wave power, and hydrogen storage technologies, said the Danish renewable energy technology developer.

“It is precisely what we need for this project. This wind turbine generator aligns with the site requirements, and its direct-drive technology is a perfect fit for our demonstrator platform,” said Laura Volta Roqueta, senior wind turbine engineer at Floating Power Plant.

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The company’s demonstrator technology, P-Demo, integrates a 4.3 MW wind turbine generator, a 0.8 MW wave energy converter (WEC) system, and a hydrogen system comprising a 1 MW electrolyzer, 48 MWh of energy storage, and a 1.2 MW fuel cell, according to Floating Power Plant’s website.

The full-scale demonstrator project will be deployed at PLOCAN’s test site in the Canary Isles, Spain. The project recently secured a EUR 26 million grant from the EU Innovation Fund.


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