Siemens Gamesa 15 MW Wind Turbines for Iberdrola’s Windanker Offshore Wind Farm, Havfram Contracted for Installation

Iberdrola’s third offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea, Windanker, will comprise 21 Siemens Gamesa wind turbines, each with a generation capacity of 15 MW. The turbines will be installed by Havfram, with the work scheduled to start in the summer of 2026.

Havfram said on 21 May that it signed a contract with Iberdrola for the transport and installation of wind turbines on the German project and that the company would use one of its newbuild NG20000X-HF wind turbine installation vessels for the work.

“The contract will start in the summer of 2026 and makes a perfect fit towards high utilization for the vessel planned to be used,” Havfram stated in a press release.

The NG20000X-HF vessels will be among the largest wind installation jack-ups in the industry, according to the company, which placed an order for the first jack-up with CIMC-Raffles in 2022. The agreement Havfram has with CIMC-Raffles includes options for the construction of up to four NG20000X-HF vessels.

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In its press release on 21 May, Havfram said that the company will install 21 Siemens Gamesa 15 MW wind turbines on the 315 MW Windanker offshore wind farm.

While Iberdrola already shared that the project would use wind turbines of the 15 MW class, the developer has not specified the model that it opted for.

Siemens Gamesa is currently testing its prototype SG 14-236 DD offshore wind turbine at the test centre in Denmark. The model, which can reach a capacity of up to 15 MW with the company’s Power Boost feature, was installed in February 2023.

In January this year, it was reported that Siemens Gamesa will install and test the “world’s most powerful offshore wind turbine prototype” at the Østerild National Test Centre in Denmark, before starting full-scale production of its “next-generation” offshore wind turbine model later. The rating of the new turbine was not disclosed.


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