Skyborn Cobra AO7 tender

Skyborn, Cobra Ink Local Content Agreement for 1 GW Wind Project Offshore France

Skyborn Renewables and Cobra have signed a local content agreement during the Seanergy trade show in Paris for the French tender off the Atlantic coasts (AO7).

The engagement chart, drawn up by all the local clusters (Aquitaine Blue Energies, Bretagne Ocean Power, Normandie Maritime, Neopolia, Wind’Occ, and Sud’Eole) aims to establish a strong industrial sector for the offshore wind development, Skyborn Renewables said.

The chart, specially formed to answer the AO7 tender off the South Atlantic coasts, demonstrates the willingness of the two players to submit a project meeting the expectations of the region and involving the local business network, according to the press release.

“Skyborn initiated the South Atlantic offshore wind project back in 2013, precisely by involving the regional industrial, economic and harbors, which will play a key role in the realization of this project”, said Antoine Monteillet, in charge of the AO7 local development for the consortium.

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The Skyborn – Cobra consortium is one of several candidates selected to participate in the competitive dialogues for the offshore wind farm project located off the Ile d’Oléron (AO7).

The 1 GW Ile d’Oléron wind farm is located off the island of Oléron, more than 35 kilometres from the coast, beyond the limits of the Marine Nature Park of the Gironde estuary and the sea of ​​Pertuis.

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Skyborn Renewables also submitted a bid, together with Vattenfall and Banque des Territoires, for the 1.5 GW Centre Manche 2 (AO8) offshore wind farm which covers 260 square kilometres located 40-50 kilometres east of the Manche department.


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