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Van Oord Reveals Two Major Offshore Wind Contracts

Van Oord has disclosed that the company and its subsidiaries won two major and previously undisclosed offshore wind contracts in 2022.

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The first contract, provisional in its nature, was secured in December 2022 and pertains to ”the Hollandse Kust West offshore wind project in the Netherlands.

Van Oord did not reveal any additional details about the project such as the company’s scope of work, nor which exactly Hollandse Kust West project the contract relates to, except that the contract was not yet included in the volume of tenders awarded or the company’s order book.

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The second contract was secured in 2022 by Van Oord’s subsidiary, MPI Offshore.

According to Van Oord, the wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas, awarded MPI Offshore with ”a major maintenance contract” to MPI Offshore, a subsidiary of Van Oord, for its European wind farms. reached out to Van Oord for additional details on the two contracts.

The last year’s Hollandse Kust West tender was awarded in two separate auctions for two separate sites – HKW Site VI and HKW Site VII.

Under the rules of the tenders, to win the rights for Site VI, the bidders had to include ecological measures in their concept, whereas Site VII required investments and innovations which are beneficial for the Dutch energy system.

As previously reported, Ecowende, a joint venture of Shell and Eneco, secured the rights to build a 756 MW offshore wind farm with a special focus on nature as part of the HKW Site VI auction completed in December 2022.

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In November 2022, RWE was selected as the winner of the HKW Site VII tender. The 760 MW offshore wind farm is planned to provide surplus electricity to power green hydrogen production on land and to incorporate floating solar panels to allow for a more efficient use of ocean space.

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Located about 53 kilometres off the Dutch coast, the wind farm is expected to be in full operation no later than five years after the permit becomes irrevocable, RWE said.

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