Enhydra MSOV

NOV Unveils Modular Service and Operations Vessel Concept

NOV has introduced the Modular Service and Operations Vessel (MSOV) concept to optimise offshore wind farm operations and maintenance for bottom-fixed and floating wind.


The MSOV concept is a collaboration across NOV’s Marine and Construction business unit. To introduce the concept, an MSOV design was developed based on GustoMSC’s Enhydra MSOV design.

The MSOV concept provides a modular and integrated approach to optimise not only operations and maintenance but also deliver a full life cycle approach to the offshore wind farm, from construction to decommissioning.

The vessel design offers an extensive and flexible deck layout to integrate mission equipment from NOV’s Lifting and Handling group and Remacut to maximise capability, workability, and endurance, the company said.

At 140-metres in length, the Enhydra MSOV’s larger design allows for additional capabilities by integrating additional modular equipment, increased comfort, and capabilities beyond current construction/service operations vessels, according to NOV.

“The Enhydra MSOV will allow wind operators to use the modular capabilities to manage even unplanned operations. The increased workability and versatility of the Enhydra MSOV will provide a cost-effective year-round working platform covering the life cycle of the wind farm”, said NOV.

Featuring Remacut cable-lay equipment, the versatile vessel is designed for cable repair and change-out, subsea inspection and intervention, and mooring installation for floating offshore wind farms.

The Enhydra MSOV is methanol-powered, providing zero SOx and reduced NOx emissions, NOV said.

The vessel has 1,300 square metres of free deck space and is designed to accommodate 150 to 180 people on board.


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