Fugro’s Camera Tech Helps Heerema Install Arcadis Ost 1 Wind Turbines

Fugro has unveiled that its QuickVision camera technology is supporting Heerema Marine Contractors as they install 27 wind turbines for Parkwind’s Arcadist Ost 1 wind farm offshore Germany.


Using a novel floating Rotor-Nacelle Assembly (RNA) installation method, the Dutch company is installing wind turbines with the blades already pre-assembled on deck, onto the tower fixed on the foundation.

The installation of the wind turbines is done by Heerema Marine Contractors’ vessel Thialf.

The first unit was placed on its foundation in November and it was the first 9.5 MW Vestas turbine with a 174-metre rotor to be installed on a commercial project, the first time Heerema Marine Contractors’ Thialf entered the Baltic Sea, and the first time a wind turbine was installed using a novel floating installation method.

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Fugro’s QuickVision technology allows Heeream to position the RNA remotely and efficiently within strict tolerances, whilst reducing personnel risks traditionally associated with offshore installation operations, the company said.

According to Fugro, the largest technical challenge for Heeream when using a floating installation vessel is managing the relative motion between the suspended load in the vessel’s heavy lift crane and the top of the fixed foundation tower.

Fugro’s technology provides real-time information from the camera system ensuring precise monitoring of the lifting, positioning, and lowering phases of the installation process, allowing Heerema to position the RNA with an accuracy of fewer than 2 centimetres, the company said.

“The QuickVision® system gives us that extra certainty required to install the RNA on the tower whilst removing the need to have engineers visually observing under the load,” said Sándor Hötte, Senior Installation Engineer at Heerema. 

The Arcadis Ost 1 offshore wind farm is located in the German territorial waters of the Baltic Sea, northeast of the island of Rügen, where offshore construction started in June 2022.

The 257 MW wind farm is expected to be fully commissioned this year when it will generate enough green energy to power the equivalent of up to 290,000 households.

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Arcadis Ost 1 has been developed by Parkwind with the participation of PMV and OstseeWindEnergie GmbH, a project company of the three partners Oberhessische Versorgungsbetriebe AG, Stadtwerke Bad Vilbel and WV Energie AG. 


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