Tahkoluoto, Finland's first commercial offshore wind farm.

Ilmatar Taps Ramboll for Finnish EIA Work

Ramboll Finland has been selected to conduct Ilmatar Offshore’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on offshore wind projects north of the Åland Islands, Finland.

Illustration; Tahkoluoto, Finland's first commercial offshore wind farm. Source: Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy

Ilmatar Offshore chose Ramboll Finland as the lead consultant for its EIA report on the Stormskär and Väderskär offshore wind project areas north of Åland.

Ramboll Finland will start work on the EIA report right at the beginning of the new year with the goal of completing the report in autumn 2024.

Seabed surveys carried out by Ilmatar Offshore were finished in autumn 2022.

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The project would be located in the Norrhavet maritime area which has been specified in the Åland Maritime Spatial Plan as suitable for offshore wind power.

In total, the area comprises about 600 square kilometres divided into two project areas which, using existing turbine technology, would allow for a wind farm with a capacity of 2.1 GW and an annual output of 10 TWh.

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