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Dutch Telecommunications Company to Buy Offshore Wind Power from Eneco

The Netherlands-headquartered telecommunications company KPN has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Eneco to receive power from the Hollandse Kust West (HKW) VI offshore wind farm.

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Under the PPA, the company will procure over 200 GWh of power annually from the 756 MW offshore wind farm.

The 15-year agreement will run from 2027 and will help KPN to supply more than 50 per cent of its electricity consumption with green power.

The contract will see Eneco provide the electricity “as nominated”, meaning that KPN will actually purchase power from the wind farm when the wind blows.

When there is a lack of wind, other solutions can be used, such as storage or solar energy.

β€œThe world around us is changing rapidly, we are in the middle of the energy transition towards a fossil-free future. This also means that we have to make long-term commitments to using sustainable sources for our energy”, said Joost Farwerck, CEO of KPN.

Last week, Ecowende, a joint venture of Shell and Eneco, won a government tender that gives the companies the right to build a wind farm at HKW Site VI.

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The project, expected to be commissioned in 2026, will be built in North Sea waters more than 50 kilometres off the Dutch coast near IJmuiden and will comprise 54 wind turbines.

The offshore wind farm will produce enough electricity to meet approximately 3 per cent of the Dutch electricity demand annually, which is approximately equal to the consumption of one million households.

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