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Bekaert Sets Up Partnership for Floating Wind Mooring Solutions

Bridon-Bekaert has announced an equity investment in TFI Marine which has developed patent-protected load reduction devices for floating offshore wind mooring systems.


The Ireland-based TFI Marine has developed SeaSpring, a polymer-based mooring component that the company says reduces the mooring loads and fatigue experienced by floating platforms as a result of wind thrust and wave motion.

Source: Bridon-Bekaert

The company also said that its self-powering device SeaSpring brings down footprint, costs, wear, and maintenance of mooring systems and enables permanent digital monitoring of mooring systems.

The investment announced today will be used to construct TFI Marine’s first manufacturing plant in Ireland to scale up the SeaSpring business to industrialisation.

The partnership also launches a commercial collaboration between Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group (BBRG) and TFI Marine whereby a smart solution of BBRG synthetic ropes equipped with TFI load reduction devices will be introduced to the market, according to the joint press release.

BBRG’s MoorLine synthetic ropes have been designed for floating offshore wind applications where customers demand reliable ropes that ensure floaters stay put in the most challenging conditions, the partners said.

We are proud to work together with TFI Marine, who have innovated a game-changing solution that reduces peak loads and strongly compliments the synthetic ropes from BBRG for permanent mooring systems“, said Christof Dewijngaert, General Manager Synthetic Ropes of BBRG.

The combined expertise of BBRG and TFI Marine is expected to expand the value-creation potential of the mooring solution as it could increase the overall lifespan of the mooring system and reduce the maintenance costs and mooring footprints.

Bekaert’s business segment Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group (BBRG) is currently working on several projects worldwide, including floating offshore wind projects in Japan, France, the US, the UK, China, Spain, and Norway.

At the beginning of the year, the company signed a contract with Gazelle for the supply of mooring lines for the dynamic mooring system of the 2 MW pilot floating wind project.

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