Shanghai Electric Rolls Out First EW8.X-230 Offshore Wind Turbine

Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group has produced the first EW8.X-230 offshore wind turbine generator at the Putian manufacturing facility in China on 10 June.

Shanghai Electric

Based on the Poseidon platform, the EW8.X-230 is a generator designed for the medium-low wind speeds normally experienced just above the sea surface off the Chinese shoreline, as well as the different stresses placed on the equipment dependent on wind direction, the turbine maker said.

Source: Shanghai Electric

Despite the average low wind speeds, the generator is said to provide a cost-effective solution for the utilization of wind as an energy resource to drive the development of wind farms and allow China to meet the targets of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality as the country enters the era of offshore parity.

Based on an average annual wind speed of 7.5 metres per second, the system can generate 28 million kWh annually, meeting the annual electricity demand of 14,500 households while reducing coal consumption by nearly 10,000 tons and carbon dioxide emissions by 24,000 tons, according to Shanghai Electric.

Incorporating Shanghai Electric’s ten years of experience with offshore platforms, the Poseidon platform is described as featuring an advanced blade design, a reliable paddle and yaw system, an efficient and low energy consumption cooling system, as well an optimal electrical system.

The company’s production, transportation, and maintenance solutions are also said to provide a solid foundation for the reliability of the platform. With the highly integrated new-generation semi-direct drive chain technology from Shanghai Electric, the platform delivers a significant reduction in kilowatt-hour costs across the whole life cycle of wind farms, Shanghai Electric said.

The system uses 100-metre carbon fiber blades, leverages intelligent Sensor Roller technology, and manages the digital design, production, and O&M across the whole life cycle.

With the company’s latest LeapX control system, the EW8.X-230 is said to reduce the operating load of the whole system while establishing an intelligent interconnection with Shanghai Electric’s Fengyun system to continuously improve utilization rate and customer yield.

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